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A Measured Life – Early to Mid Career

Your pursuit of efficient wealth starts now.

You are in your late 20’s or 30’s. You’ve established a career. Perhaps you’ve settled down and started a family. In many ways, these are your most important years. You are transitioning from a selfish time and have to now think about other people. You can’t afford to put off the future any longer.

With borrowing up and savings rates down, many Canadians spend everything they make. Canadian debt-to-income levels hit an all-time high in 2012. This means some people are on track to spend every dollar they will ever earn in their lifetime before they even retire. In fact, 44 % of current 25 to 30 year olds are on track to experience a marked reduction in their standard of living after retirement.

We can help in your pursuit of efficient wealth.

A wealth sounding is a measurement of the conditions and aspirations of your life, your work and your wealth. Your wealth sounding is the beginning of a comprehensive process that involves discovery through thought provoking questions about your objectives and pursuits. Your sounding considers inevitable changes in the markets, legislation, and most importantly your life. The sounding process challenges conventional wisdom and develops personal strategies for you to achieve your goals. Lastly, the sounding creates a roadmap and ensures accountability towards diligent execution of the plan.

Although a wealth sounding is a powerful and beneficial process, it’s not for everyone. Not because everyone doesn’t deserve the opportunity of the pursuit of efficient wealth, they do. It’s not for everyone because it’s a larger commitment than most people want to make. It takes time to build a more efficient plan that’s geared towards helping create sustainable, long-term success. Unfortunately, most people are conditioned to focus on short term gains or avoiding short term losses. We work with people who see that the only way to achieve sustainable success is to follow a comprehensive, disciplined approach with long term goals. And that process starts with a wealth sounding.

Schedule a Wealth Sounding