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A Measured Life Video Series

How will you measure your life?

Have you ever wondered if your financial strategy measures up? What steps have you taken to ensure not only the accumulation, but the preservation and enjoyment of your wealth? Is your wealth efficient?

Efficient Wealth is the art of ensuring that a person’s financial resources and valued possessions are managed in a way that considers all practical options towards achieving the best possible short-term and long-term results.

Vantage Wealth Management is pleased to introduce a video series packed with thought-provoking content designed to get you on the right track in your pursuit of efficient wealth. Each video focuses on a different stage in life from early career to building a legacy. Regardless of you’re at we will challenge you to look beyond the bank account and consider important questions critical to building, preserving and enjoying your wealth.

As an independent planning firm we have always focused on goal based planning as the cornerstone of our practice. We challenge the traditional product-focused approach to planning and focus on the alignment of one’s financial goals with one’s core values, objectives and pursuits. Having a clear understanding of where you are going will help build the most efficient plan to get there.

The A Measured Life video series will highlight key challenges and opportunities we all face at various stages in life. It is our belief that being well informed is the best way to overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities available to us all. This series will expand your understanding of planning and motivate you to make a plan based on your unique values and goals.

The video below is an introduction to the series. Watch for additional videos focusing on key stages in life to follow. To receive notifications about additional videos please click here to email your request.


The pursuit of efficient wealth is ongoing. We can help.

A wealth sounding is a measurement of the conditions and aspirations of your life, your work and your wealth. It is the beginning of a comprehensive process that involves discovery through thought provoking questions about your objectives and pursuits.

The sounding process challenges conventional wisdom and develops personal strategies for you to achieve your goals. Lastly, the sounding creates a roadmap and ensures accountability towards diligent execution of the plan.

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